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The “Resilient Project” unites emergency healthcare professionals from across the country with over 60 Broadway theatre artists to virtually perform ‘RESILIENT’, a song of inspiration and strength created by Dave Ogrin and Jay Berkow from their new musical "Mata Hari".





The Team 


By Jay Berkow and Dave Ogrin

Casting Director, Stephen DeAngelis     Video Editor, Todd Tuchek    Project Manager, Sharon Fallon




Communications, Jessie Jury     Press Representative, Katie Rosin, Kampfire     Intern, Luke Cloherty



Special Thanks 

Lane Beauchamp, Don Birge, Judy Boals, Vicki Cherkas, William Fales MD, Alexandra Gordon, Eugene Gwozdz, Rick and Barbara Halpert, Meghan Lohne, Ricki Olshan, Matt Redmond, Tom Viola

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